CivIdle is an idle/incremental game that allows you to lead your own civilization through thousands of years from ancient times to modern era.

Planned Features

As the spiritual successor of Industry Idle, CivIdle takes the core idea and add more 4X elements (e.g. Sid Meier's Civilization®) and historical themes (e.g. Europa Universalis®).

Planned features are subject to change. Screenshots are captured from early development build and will definitely change (hopefully improve) upon release.

Empire Must Grow

Expand your empire's territory, production and influence, advance your population's science and culture, and make your people happy - the empire must grow, and numbers must go up!

Every Run is Different

Explore a procedurally generated map, scouting for resources and natural wonders. Expand your empire and take advantage of different terrains. As technology advances, you will discover new deposits and unlock new productions

A Vast Tech Tree

Research and unlock a vast tech tree with 100+ technologies: from hunting and gathering, through writing and math, all the way to virtual reality and artificial intelligence. As technology advances, you will unlock more game systems and mechanisms that greatly expand the game play.

Trade and Diplomacy

Trade resources and engage in diplomacy with other players via a global market. Exchanging resources, forming alliances and fighting for influence - can your culture stand in the end?

Wonder-full Empire

Throughout different eras, construct different world wonders that provide unique bonuses, unlock new game mechanism and make your map look pretty.

Reborn with Great People

When you prestige, you will be able to collect great people - historical great figures, each with unique bonuses and abilities that will help your next run reach new height.

90s Retro UI

A 90's retro UI, that is a love letter to the golden age of desktop computing, will surely bring back some nostalgia. There's a 1-1 replicated mode which brings maximum authenticity and a "eye protection mode" that captures the essence but is easier on your eye on modern displays.

A Game For the People

If your computer can run paint, you can probably run CivIdle. Similar to Industry Idle, the game will NOT include any micro transactions. Instead, the base game will be free of charge and you can optionally get more content, support the game's development and help cover the server expense by purchasing paid expansion packs.